Using Excel and Google Docs to build a website

1. Go to  if you have a Google (GMail) account you can log in or might already be logged in. If not you can create a Google account for free.


2. Inside in Google Drive click on the New button on the Upper left. It has a giant + too on it. Choose File upload


3. Choose the folder on your hard drive/device where the Excel file is. Double click


4. It will upload into Google Drive. Double click on it.


5. It will display like this. Choose open with Google Sheets


6. Once it opens click on File and choose Publish to Web


7. Choose Publish


8. It asks are you sure. You are.


9. Now it’s live and you have a link you can email, Tweet, add to your Instagram bio. You can use link shortening tools like  to make the link a little easier to share.